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Free Injury Screening
Do you have a new injury or nagging issue you would like to have looked at by
a physical therapist? We would be happy to perform a screening free of charge.
The free screen will last 15-30 minutes and a physical therapist will provide you
with advice about your condition, suggestions for follow-up, as well as ideas for

Custom Orthotics
A biomechanical evaluation is performed and plaster cast is created in order to
construct custom molded orthotics to correct foot, ankle, knee, and hip
alignment and allow the foot to contact the ground properly to minimize stresses
on the joints, reduce pain, and improve movement.

Aquatic Therapy - (Location off-site)
Water offers various benefits due to its unique properties, including buoyancy,
viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure. Buoyancy of the water helps to unweight painful
joints and minimize the stresses normally placed on the body during land-based
exercises. The viscosity of the water provides resistance to movement to allow for
muscle strengthening. Hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to reduce swelling,
and improves awareness of joint position.

Injury Prevention
A body that is strong, flexible, and in proper biomechanical alignment is better
prepared to engage in everyday activities safely, effectively participate in
exercise programs to promote health and well-being, and allows individuals to
reach their maximum potential. Physical therapy can rehabilitate current
impairments and help to prevent future injuries.

Sports Enhancement Programs
Individuals who play a sport can develop overuse injuries, sprains, strains, and
fractures. Physical Therapy can help athletes rehabilitate from an injury faster and
more effectively. At Full Motion Physical Therapy not only do we work to treat
injuries, but we also offer sports enhancement programs that focus on sport
specific training to develop speed, agility, power, and coordination to improve
athletic performance and reduce the risk of re-injury.



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