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Physical Therapy: The Science of Healing, The Art of Caring

Did you know that Physical Therapists are experts in the evaluation and treatment
of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems?

Physical Therapists deal with muscles, bones, joints, spine, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. Physical Therapists
can perform an evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your pain or dysfunction and develop an
individualized treatment plan consisting of exercises, massage and mobilizations, and modalities (ultrasound,
electrical stimulation, laser, heat and ice) to get you moving again.

Did you know that Physical Therapists are trained to assess movement dysfunction?

Physical Therapists assess biomechanical alignment of the joints, spine, and extremities to determine abnormalities
that can affect normal movement. They will then develop a treatment plan to help you maintain an active and
healthy lifestyle, and provide you with the necessary tools to maintain motion for life.

Did you know in North Carolina you can visit a PT without a physician referral?
If you are experiencing pain, have trouble getting around, or were recently injured, you can go directly to a
Physical Therapist for an evaluation (as long as your insurance does not have any restrictions). Your Physical
Therapist can perform an evaluation to determine whether your condition is appropriate for Physical Therapy
treatment, or if you should visit a physician/specialist.

What should you expect from your Physical Therapist?
An old English Proverb states "Prevention is better than cure" - illustrating the ultimate goal of physical
therapy. For your intial evaluation, the Physical Therapist will perform a comprehensive physical examination
and obtain your medical history. The therapist will then develop an individualized treatment plan specifically
for you based on the findings. Not only will the therapist treat your condition, but will take the time to educate
you about your injury or dysfunction, what is causing it, and how to prevent it from recurring again in the future.

Why Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy works to improve function in individuals and provide them with the education and tools to
promote independence in normal daily activities. Surgery or injury can lead to long periods of inactivity resulting
in weakness, fatigue, and additional ailments. Rehabilitation directed by a Physical Therapist can help you recover
from surgery/injury and also prevent other potential maladies related to inactivity. When working with individuals, Physical Therapists wish to develop a friend for life, not a patient for life.

What schooling do Physical Therapists have ?
Physical Therapists are required to obtain a post-graduate degree, either a clinical Master or Doctor of Physical
Therapy, which is generally 2-3 additional years of schooling post-Baccalaureate (most schools are now
transitioning to clinical doctorate programs). Hands-on clinical rotations are included each semester of the
program in order to provide future Physical Therapists with real-world experience. After graduation, individuals
must pass a national licensure examination in order to obtain a Physical Therapy license. Continuing education
is a requirement in many states to maintain licensure.

What conditions do Physical Therapists treat?
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